The Best in Child Care and Early Education


The goal of each of our classes is to prepare the child for their next step, socially ​& cognitively. Each class addresses important developmental milestones through a schedule ​& routine that reflects the belief that children learn best through play. The class enjoys music, dance, reading, & art every morning. 


Parent involvement and interaction is the key to our success. We believe that if our parents are friendly with one another and have strong relationships, than that camaraderie will trickle down into the classroom, creating a community atmosphere for the children.​     


CDP accepts applications for enrollment at any time. However, registration for the upcoming school year commences in January for returning students and new students. It is recommended that you apply early and in the fall of the preceding year in order to have the best position on the wait list.

State-Licensed Childcare

CDP is a State Certified Class B facility. This means that we follow all of the necessary guidelines on the local and state levels for safety, maintenance, room capacity, and child to teacher ratio. However, in all of our classrooms, our child to teacher ratio is far below the state guidelines. This is because of our commitment to individualized attention to each child. 

Age Appropriate Activities

CDP encourages the goals of every age of our students through age-appropriate materials and toys that hone in on their developmental milestones, cognitively, physically, and emotionally. Through centers that bolster their advancement, our students have the tools and guidance they need to move ahead.

Strict Safety Policies

A safe campus for our students and families is our number concern. All of our buildings have a code-access entry, our entire staff goes through a full background check, and we stay current on safety and emergency drills. In addition, we have a continuing dialogue with state and local officials to maintain a campus with the safest conditions.

Positive Guidance

CDP practices Conscious Discipline when working through conflict resolution with our students. In Conscious Discipline, time-out is taken out of the scenario and replaced with communication—communication between the children and the teacher. The goal of Conscious Discipline is to give children a voice, the right words, and the tools they need to resolve conflicts with friends on their own.