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Meet Our Faculty

Our teachers work in early childhood education because they love what they do. They embrace their role and look at it as one that should inspire children on a daily basis to embrace the world around them. They look at each child as an individual and foster the growth of each student in a special way, indicative to that child’s needs and interests.

All teachers are trained to participate as partners in children's activities rather than relate to children as supervisors. Training emphasizes positive interaction strategies which include forming authentic relationships with children, sharing control with children, focusing on children's strengths, supporting children's play ideas, and adopting a problem-solving approach to disagreements.

Lead preschool teachers hold degrees in elementary education, early learning development and education, or have the equivalent education and experience. Teachers are required to continue their education based on state guidelines for mandatory training hours. All teachers are trained in CPR and first aid. All personnel undergo a thorough police background check.

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