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Little Lambs

Our loving Little Lamb baby room is filled with all the comforts of home. With a child/teacher ratio of 3:5, your baby will receive oodles of face time, cuddling, and rocking throughout the day. Plus, your child will grow in an environment that understands his/her physical, emotional, and cognitive milestones and fosters them throughout the day.

When an infant first comes to the Little Lambs room, we follow whatever schedule and protocol mother and father have set at home. Slowly, we ease the child into a more pre-school ready schedule so that by the time they move up, they are easily integrated with our toddler routine.

To be placed on the wait list for the Little Lambs room, please download a waiting list registration form here. A tour must be scheduled with CDP in order to have your child placed on the wait list. To schedule a tour, email Attach your wait list registration in the email and put "CDP Tour" in the subject line. Tours are given September through July and by appointment only.

2015-2016 Fee Schedule

Half Day Program 9am-12pm
2 Day program $451.00
3 Day program $ 518.00
4 Day program $ 574.00
5 Day program $ 636.00

Full Day Program 9am- 3pm
2 Day Program $ 610.00
3 Day Program $ 697.00
4 Day Program $ 794.00
5 Day Program $ 871.00

All Day Program 7:45 am – 5:30 pm
2 Day Program $732.00
3 Day Program $ 804.00
4 Day Program $ 875.00
5 Day Program $ 963.00

Drop in fees are $20 for Early Care or $35 for Lunch Bunch
Drop in Fee for all day is $70 for a day you are not already enrolled in.

There is a non-refundable fee of $300 for registration and supplies.

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