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The goal of each of our classes is to prepare the child for their next step, socially and cognitively. Each class addresses important developmental milestones through a schedule and routine that reflects the belief that children learn best through play.

The Safari Room: 13 Months-2 Years

This classroom emphasizes the development of social milestones, early creativity, imagination, and allowing these children to be comfortable with new adults and other children. The class enjoys music, dance, reading, and art every morning. They may attend anywhere from two days per week through the full week. This class has a child/teacher ratio of 10:2. Students must be thirteen months by September 1st.

You can download a Safari Classroom Supply List here.

The Bear Room: 2 Years-3 Years

Our two-year-old program continues the process of teaching letters, numbers, colors, shapes, and animals through a creative curriculum that integrates reading, music, drama, and art into lessons. Social skills are a key component of the class as well as various motor skill developments. Children may attend two to five days per week, and there is a child/teacher ratio of 12:2. Students must be two by September 1st.

You can download a Bear Classroom Supply List here.

The Sunshine Room: 3 years-4 Years

A creative class where the children begin to explore the environments in which they live, the Sunshine Room has an imaginative curriculum. Students are introduced to science through lessons in animal and insect habitats, gardening, weather, and life cycles. Early reading, mathematics, as well as social studies, geography, and paleontology are also explored throughout the year. Children may attend three to five days per week, and there is a child/teacher ratio of no more than 16:2. Students must be three by September 1st.

You can download a Sunshine Room Classroom Supply List here.

The Honey Bee Room: Pre-K

Pre-K is an exciting year when students prepare for elementary school through letter recognition, letter sounds, early spelling, reading, handwriting, and math. Creative and fun units about science, art, and social studies are also an emphasis in this class. It is advised that students attend five days a week. The child/teacher ratio is no more than 16:2. Students must be four by September 1st.

You can download a Honey Bee Classroom Supply List here.

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